4 days in Mexico City


For Thanksgiving weekend 2017, we rolled the dice on the cheapest available international flight and ended up in Mexico City. We are so glad we did. This trip is the one that made us realize that quick, cheap, international long weekends are an amazing strategy to travel far and keep your job. It also helped us realize that anywhere in the world you go, there is something interesting to see. We would recommend a trip to Mexico City to anyone.

Trip Time:  4 Days. Thanksgiving + the day after Thanksgiving + 1 weekend. – 5 hours each way.


Major Attractions Visited:

  • Teotihuacan
  • Templo Mayor
  • Anthropology Museum
  • Sonora Market
  • Several fantastic restaraunts


Templo Mayor
In the heart of Historic Mexico City, on Zocalo Square and partially buried under the Cathedral of Mexico City, is
Mexico City Walking Tour
Our Airbnb host helped us plan an amazing walking tour of the heart of Mexico City.
Josh thinks visiting Teotihuacan was cooler than visiting the Pyramids of Giza. I'm on the fence.
Fantastic Food. (#priorities).
We would take a trip back to Mexico City for the food alone.
How Mexico City Defied Our Expectations
Mexico City has a reputation for being dirty, poor, crowded, uncultured, and unsafe. Don't believe the hype.
Evidence of the 2017 Earthquake
We visited CDMX a few short months after a 7.1 earthquake that rocked the city and killed hundreds. Amazingly, there
A Trip to the Museum of Anthropology
We have been to museums on 5 continents and all across the United States and The Museum of Anthropology in
Staying Warm
When we were there, temperatures hit record lows. Fortunately our Airbnb was less than a block away from an amazing
Metro Envy
  The Mexico City Metro is the best public transit I’ve ever taken. You can get to any location in
More Than 50% Lost
“I think we are more than 50% lost right now.” It turns out that in order to leave the Merced
We’re famous!
This happened to us at both museums we visited.