The Best Layover: The Everglades

We got global entry recently, which allows us to scoot through security in an average of 1-2 minutes and has dramatically reduced the amount of time we spend going through airports. We highly recommend it. So when we had a long layover in Fort Lauderdale, we felt much more secure leaving the airport to see some sights, knowing we could get back in very quickly.

The plan was this: Get in at 5am, rent a car, drive to the Everglades for a sunrise hike, take a boat ride, visit the Miccosukee Indian Village, and be back in time for our flight to Jamaica. It went flawlessly.


This was our first time visiting Everglades National Park!


We hiked into the park before it opened and were rewarded with a slow sunrise show with a chorus of birds, bugs, and alligator bellows.


This beautiful hawk was chowing down on a crayfish breakfast.


Awww…. We thought the grandmas would like this one.


Note to self: Come back with a kayak.


Next up: Air boat ride!


Josh and an alligator. …Not scary.


Lazy swimmer.


They aren’t exactly photogenic creatures.


Miccosukee Indian Village. It looks to me that this guy is punching that alligator. Just saying.


Look at this handsome specimen! The grasshopper is okay, too.

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