3 days in Jamaica

Total Trip Time: 4 days (2 weekend days + 2 days PTO)

Major Attractions Visited:

  1. The Everglades (Layover at Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)
  2. Downtown Montego Bay
  3. Luminous Lagoon (Bioluminescent Bay) in Falmouth
  4. Doctor’s Cave Beach
  5. Greenwood Great House
  6. Mobay Kotch


The Best Layover: The Everglades
The plan was this: Get in at 5am, rent a car, drive to the Everglades for a sunrise hike, take
Montego Bay Has a Curfew (But it’s largely ignored)
There’s a city-wide 8pm curfew and state of emergency called in response to a high number of gang-related homicides.
The Mobay Kotch is a Hidden Gem
Built in the 1760s, this beautiful building has had many lives. Most recently, it was our temporary home (and inspiration