4 Days in Colombia

We took 1 day of PTO on Memorial Day Weekend for a quick trip to Bogota and Zipaquira Colombia. Highlights included food, coca, and the graffiti tour.

Trip time: 4 days: 1 PTO day + 1 vacation day (MLK) + 2 weekend days – 7 hours each direction.

Major attractions visited:

  • Paloquemao Market
  • Plaza Bolivar
  • Museo Del Oro (Gold Museum)
  • Zipaquira Salt Cathedral
  • Bogota Graffiti Tour
  • Monserrate
  • Iglesia Nuestra Senora del Carmen (Church)
The Only Subterranean Cathedral in the World is OK We Guess ​
"Zipa! Zipa!" An overpriced and underwhelming unofficial church in an old salt mine... but I guess the pictures came out
Gastronostalgia ​
We went to Colombia with a list of foods that we wanted to eat that was 2 pages long.
That Time We Tried Coca ​
Andeans across Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia have been chewing coca leaves or drinking coca tea for thousands of years
Faking Calm in Bogotá ​
A strategy for surviving densely packed experiences in densely packed cities.
Just A Cool Elevator in Edificio Sucre
The purpose of this post is just so we don't forget this excellent elevator in Edificio Sucre, Bogota.
How Bogota Feels
This post is just a set of pictures from around the city that capture the feeling of Bogota.
The monastery-topped mountain Monseratte looms over the East horizon of Bogota.
Paloquemao Market
Paloquemao, a gigantic, pungent, colorful, bountiful market in the middle of Bogota, did not disappoint.
The Gold Museum: A Very Shiny Place
The gold museum in Bogota was one of the shinier places we've ever been.
Trip Highlight: The Bogota Graffiti Tour
Growing up, we were taught that graffiti is bad. The Bogota Graffiti Tour turned that worldview upside down.