Our Trips

Trip time: 10 days Major attractions visited: The Louvre Eiffel… Read more
Our 1 week trip in China turned into 2, due to Super Typhoon Mangkhut. Read more
Total Trip Time: 4 days (2 weekend days + 2 days PTO) Read more
We took 1 day of PTO on Memorial Day Weekend… Read more
The highlights of the trip were tours of Stonehenge and a nearly 1,700 year old Roman bath house. Read more
This trip is the one that made us realize that quick, cheap, international long weekends are an amazing strategy to Read more
Cuba is the most complex and challenging place we have traveled yet. It was also fascinating, deeply rewarding and, most Read more
A road trip with friends plus camping on the beach,… Read more
Egypt was tough, and not exactly what we expected. Still,… Read more
Let’s just start at the beginning, shall we? Read more
Israel and Palestine were complex places with a lot to unpack. We really look forward to doing so here! Read more