4 days in Baja

A road trip with friends plus camping on the beach, seeing giant cacti, soaking in hot springs, playing in sand dunes, a lot of food, and enjoying salt flats. What more could you ask for?

Trip time: 4 days for Thanksgiving Weekend.

Dunes on the #5 Highway
If you are ever driving down the #5 Highway from MexiCali down the coast of the Sea of Cortez, keep
Palapa Camping on the Sea of Cortez
San Felipe is a beautiful place to hang out on the beach, explore the nearby rocks and pools, catch a
Valle de los Gigantes (Valley of the Giants)
This nature reserve is home to 1,000 year old, absolutely gigantic cacti.
Seaside Bathing in Puertecitos Hot Springs
Puertecitos Mexico, Population 41, is located a few hours south of San Felipe and is home to excellent natural hot
Baja Salt Flats
We spent a little while here in the pretty landscape, just enjoying the views.