Seaside Bathing in Puertecitos Hot Springs

Puertecitos Mexico, Population 41, is located a few hours south of San Felipe and is home to excellent natural hot springs. You’ll need to time it just right, as most of the pools are covered during high tide and gradually emerge and rise in temperature as the sea recedes. This gives a nice layered effect, allowing bathers to move toward or away from the sea until they find the temperature that is just right for them. We had a great time with friends just stacking rocks and lounging in the warm water. If you’re ever there, the only restaurant in town has the best pozole we’ve ever had.


Great company.


Ominous lighting, standing on the rocky beach near the hot springs as a storm rolls in. No filter. Really.


Josh’s rock stacking handiwork. The middle stone was about the length of a human head, for scale.