Hi. We’re Josh and Nicole.

We stare at screens in a cubicle 8-5 on weekdays. For several years, we have dreamed of quitting our jobs to travel but discovered it’s not realistic. So we decided to go about it another way. This blog is dedicated to our decision to keep our jobs, live simply, optimize every vacation day, and spend our extra money on plane tickets and international adventures. This is not a glamorous travel blog. We travel fast, light, minimalist, and cheap, bringing only one small 40 liter backpack each. Join us as we travel around the world in 80 liters.


We created this website to share our strategies for packing big adventures into small vacations.

Here’s what you will find on the site:

  • Travel Guides: Detailed, country-specific information for trip planning.
  • Our Trips: See where we went and what we saw.
  • How to: Best practices on everything from buying plane tickets to packing.

Happy traveling!

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Left>Right, Top>Bottom: Vinales-Cuba, Giza-Egypt, Las Terrazas-Cuba, the Dead Sea-Israel, Havana-Cuba, the Sierras-California, Mt. Sodom-Israel, Bastimentos-Panama, Death Valley-California.