14 days in Israel and Palestine

Israel and Palestine were complex places with a lot to unpack. We’ve only begun to do so here!

In the meantime, here is a map of the places we visited. If you are considering visiting any of these and have questions, feel free to message us!

Photo Post: Life in Jerusalem
People actually live in the old city of Jerusalem, surrounded…
What Old Jerusalem Feels Like
Old Jerusalem is an ancient, fragrant, complex, dusty, emotionally-, politically-, and religiously-charged space.
The Western (Wailing) Wall
We were fortunate to be able to visit 2 major religious sites in Old Jerusalem: The Western Wall and the
Kosher Mcdonalds
Want cheese on that? Too bad.
Sleeping Out on the Sea of Galilee
One of my most cherished memories of Israel.
Swimming in the Jordan River
We always had the vision of the Jordan River as a wide, formidable, ageless, and important-looking. It's not.
The Holy Sepulcher/ Things I Didn’t Quite Understand
We walked out of the hot, bright Israeli sun and were immediately surrounded by darkness
Welcome to Jericho
We negotiated our way into the heart of Palestine by taxi using sign language, nods, smiles, cash, and the help
Floating in the Dead Sea
The Dead Sea is simultaneously harsh, desolate, and devastatingly beautiful.
Yes, as in the one from the Bible
One of the craziest things about Israel is recognizing names and places from the bible ALL THE TIME.