Yes, as in the one from the Bible

One of the craziest things about Israel is recognizing names and places from the bible ALL THE TIME. These were just a few. You can take the literal-ness of these sites with all of the grains of salt in the Dead Sea, to taste.

Who here knows the story of Lot’s wife? Well, this pillar of salt is said to be her.
Camels hanging out on Mount Sodom. You know, the one with the sodomites, fire and brimstone? Anyhow, there’s no town here any longer.
Nimrod’s Castle is formidable, even thousands of years later.
This one you may recognize from history. This is the hill of the ancient city of Gamla. There was still several thousand year old pottery strewn about the site.
This is where those famous walls of Jericho are said to have come a-tumblin’ down. If you have interest in this site, see our Welcome to Jericho post!
The Mount of Temptation, where Jesus is said to have gone into the desert and be tempted by the devil. For more information on this site, see our Welcome to Jericho post!
Remember that pesky, baby-slaughtering King Herod? This is a room in Masada, his fortress and pleasure palace.