8 Days in Cuba

Cuba is the most complex and challenging place we have traveled yet. It was also fascinating, deeply rewarding and, most importantly, possible. For detailed information on how we did it, check out our Cuba travel guide.

Travel time: 5 PTO days + 2 weekends in April of 2017

During this time, we wandered our way through museums, narrow city streets, Viñales Valley, Tobacco farms, an eco-community called Las Terrazas, rainforest ruins, and more. For more on our adventures and misadventures, see our posts below.

Welcome to Havana
We arrived in Cuba around 10pm at night, exhausted from a long day of flying, and walked like zombies up
Crespo Street Mid-Morning
Everyone says Cuba is a time capsule. But is it really true?
Museo de la Revolución (Museum of the Revolution)
The Museum of the Revolution: As Americans, we didn't feel much love here.
Give us this day our daily bread
The vertical, low-tech lifestyle of street-vending in Havana.
(Photo) Out and About in Cuba
Trans culture was surprisingly visible out and about in Cuba! Especially in Central Park.
How (Not) To Buy Things In Cuba
Buying goods in Cuba can be tough, especially if you get outside of the tourist areas.
Graffiti in Havana
A person could spend an entire vacation exploring graffiti in Havana.
Traveling to and Staying in Viñales
This may give you some sense of what it's like to travel in Cuba.
Hiking Deep Into Cuban Cigar Country With Edrey
The tobacco farms in Viñales Valley produce some of the best cigars in the world.
Ephemeral Peso Ice Cream (This is important)
In what appears to be a closed down storefront in Viñales, there is an ephemeral ice cream shop.
The things that parked outside our casa in Viñales
These magnificent beasts were parked outside our casa when we arrived back from the valley.
Caught in the rain in Viñales, Cuba
With no internet connection or any way to get a forecast, the best we could do was look up at
Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle like a Cuban
Cubans are master recyclers, perhaps to a fault.
That Time A Wheel Flew Off Our Taxi
We were driving down the highway when...
Las Terrazas: Vacation like a Cuban
Video: "This is easily my favorite place we've been so far."
Raising Chickens in Cuba
Abuelo digs out some eggs from the nest of a free-roosting chicken. This man was probably my favorite person we
Traipsing Through the Jungle in Río San Juan
We flagged down an off-duty driver, who had a friend, who had a family member, who was able to give
Regla: A Well-Kept Secret
Just across the bay from Havana sits Regla, a fascinating town with a rich cultural history.
(Video) Old Cars in Cuba
For the grandparents and gear heads.
Cardboard Craigslist
Near el Prado, a main boulevard in Havana, exists the closest thing that Cuba has to Craigslist.