I have wanted to go to Stonehenge ever since I was a little girl and read a book called Circle of Stones. Thinking back, that book probably wasn’t appropriate for a little girl, and it had very little to do with Stonehenge, but it sparked an interest in me that has grown over the years. I love the mystery and sacredness of prehistoric monuments, goddess figurines, and temples built out of stone. It’s my thing.

So, when I finally got to approach the big stones in person, this was me:

You’d have to ask Josh, but I’m pretty sure there was literal squealing.


I was probably pretty annoying the entire day because of my barely contained excitement. It rained cats and dogs on the bus ride there and I worried all day that we wouldn’t be able to enjoy our visit. But we managed to catch this brilliant gap between the raindrops that provided a variety of lighting conditions for practicing our photography skills. This one was among my favorite shots:

The crows that live at Stonehenge are mesmerizing. They float over the circle and periodically land to and caw to give an eerie feeling to the area. Especially with the brooding clouds, it was an amazing sight. (Photo taken with our Canon PowerShot SX730.)


Birds and plants, and lichens make themselves at home among the stones. The featured Trilithon is grooved so the stones fit together without rolling off and was hoisted up several meters to be placed there. And they built this all with sticks and stone tools! Amazing.


Reconstructed prehistoric dwelling for this region. The people who built Stonehenge would have likely lived in something like this.

I loved this photo of Josh.
Overall, our visit to Stonehenge was very satisfying and well worth the trip. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering a trip to London.