Snorkeling Doctor’s Cave

Jamaica abounds with expensive, private beaches full fancy, rich people at resorts. We didn’t go to one of those. The alternative was local beaches, where even locals warned us not to go. We didn’t go to one of those, either. Doctor’s Cave was somewhere in the middle. Here, we were able to pay a small fee to gain entrance to the beach and leave our things in the sand so we could snorkel without worrying about whether or not they would walk away. The beach was nice but the snorkeling was unfortunately unremarkable. Climate change and overfishing have decimated the Jamaican reef and turned it into a bleached, algae-covered mess. Still, we managed to see a few neat fish and corals, and at least the water was warm.
When I flip you flip we flip.


Urchins. Beautiful, painful, sometimes destructive.


Bleached corals.


Here fishy fishy…