Las Terrazas: Vacation like a Cuban

Intro video:

Las Terrazas is a small mountain community and UNESCO biosphere reserve that is advertised as a vacation destination for Cubans. Most people came by bus from Havana during the day and departed in the evening, leaving the town blissfully tranquil for the ~1000 residents and 6 international tourists who were fortunate enough to stay there overnight, including Josh and yours truly. 

…and the communally owned pet monkey. His partner died a few years back. I would imagine he is lonely.

Everything about this place was a joy. Our casa was in a lush forest that provided tropical fruit. Las Terrazas was also home to the absolute best food that we ate in Cuba, at La Fonda de Maria. (Maria’s Balcony).

This was tomato-based pork stew, or something like that. It doesn’t even matter what it was- it was delicious! Trust me, just eat it.