Mexico City Walking Tour

Our Airbnb host helped us plan an amazing walking tour of the heart of Mexico City. What follows are a few of our favorite stops on that tour.


This was described by our host as the most beautiful candy store in the world. Inside was a bakery where we bought some excellent breakfast pastries to fuel our day.


Nothing beats Latin American pastries. (But I’ll reconfirm after our trip to France).


Chapel in the Cathedral of Mexico City.



The beautiful blue organ at the Mexico City Cathedral.


Columns and domes inside the Mexico City Cathedral. The cathedral sits on top of a Mayan Temple.


Traditional Mayan dancer on Zocalo Square.


People were lined up to receive a blessing and smudging.


A Mayan Shaman prepares the ritual blessing.


This beautiful mural depicts a large swath of Mexican history simultaneously occurring in an adjacent park.


Mayan culture is obsessed with mouths and teeth and devouring and human-animal-god transformations. This sculpture on the side of the Palace of Fine Arts is just one example of that.


Impressive sculptures outside the Palace of Fine Arts.