Fantastic Food. (#priorities).

Mexico City food was amazing and some of our more expensive, 3-course meals cost around $12. We would go back just for the food alone.

First, we had a variety of tamales that really opened our eyes to what a tamale could be. They included blackberry, pineapple, chorizo, and something like a leek that I can’t remember the name of. Ever since then, we’ve been on the hunt for tamales anywhere we go.


2 Tamales (so good we ordered seconds) + horchata + minty mezcal


Mole + Chilaquiles


Second, we had our favorite tacos of all time. (And we eat a lot of tacos).

Okay, I know these are on Styrofoam and poorly photographed in the dark. But these are the best tacos I’ve ever had.


This guy was sharpening the giant knives used at our favorite taco shop. Dinner and a show!


And just for fun, here is the tortilla machine at the place with the tacos above. Nicole got a kick out of it.