How Mexico City Defied Our Expectations

Mexico City has a reputation for being dirty, poor, crowded, uncultured, and unsafe.

Don’t believe the hype.

We were blown away by the amount of art, culture, and well-curated museums we encountered all over the city. We walked around at night and never felt any more unsafe than we would in Chicago, or LA, or any other large metropolis. The food was amazing, the people were friendly, and it was a thoroughly modern metro in which nobody paid us any mind. The people there asked us about our trip and treated us as people, not tourists, and many offered to help us understand the things that were going on around us. We would recommend it to anyone.


This is a kindergarten in the Roma Norte neighborhood. Many businesses used striking murals and street art to beautify their neighborhoods.


“Evolution is a fact”. This may not be our most beautiful photo, but it captures something really neat about Mexico. Public places, like this walkway between metro lines, were often used as educational opportunities. We saw one on the history of the universe, our solar system, the development of a neighborhood, Canada (odd), climate change, and this one on evolution.


Even construction barriers were beautifully decorated!


Monuments abound! This one is in a gorgeous park where families came to spend a relaxed weekend afternoon.
Sweet ripe plantains and cream.


Beautiful graffiti mural in Roma Norte.


We’re confident that after exploring the rest of our posts, Mexico City will defy your expectations, too.