More Than 50% Lost

“I think we are more than 50% lost right now.”

It turns out that in order to leave the Merced metro station to walk toward Sonora, you need to exit through a market.

And if you turn the wrong way, it is possible to walk for 3 city blocks through narrow passageways, in between cramped stalls, with no way out in sight. No joke, we eventually had to ask for directions. It was more complex than any corn maze I’ve ever seen and far more colorful.


In the first part of the market, there were a bunch of stalls selling shoes, a lot of shoes, it seemed like we would be walking by shoe vendors until the end of time. But then suddenly there were Christmas tree decorations. Just the ceramic ball kind. Hundreds and hundreds of different balls to hang on a Christmas tree. Different shades and colors and sizes. Then came cactus vendors. I’d come up with something to say about them, but I don’t know much about cactus. There was a bunch. By the time we finally escaped and found our way to the Mercado del Sonora, it already dark outside and the market was sadly closed.