Packing for Panama

This is all the clothing I brought with me to Panama, plus the clothes that I was wearing when I took this picture, (including my hiking boots). This was the first trip where I learned to wash my clothes in the sink every night and it worked marvelously.

The temperature range for this trip was 40-90 degrees F and the entirety of my clothing packing was what’s on this bed and some Campsuds.

-2 synthetic quick drying t-shirts (Patagonia, REI)
-1 synthetic tank top (Old navy, no joke)
-heavy wool shirt (Minus 33)
-wool bottoms (Smartwool)
-wool hat (Smartwool)
-glove liners (REI)
-rain shell (White Sierra)
-zip off synthetic pants (Prana)
-2 pair socks (Smartwool)
-cotton shorts for sleeping (Duke University gift store)
-Thermoball jacket (North Face)
-swim suit
-Tek Towel (Amazon)
-flip flops for showering in hostels/ beach (Marshalls)
-climbing shoes (La Sportiva)
-hiking boots (Merrell)
-2 pair underwear (Patagonia)
-2 sports bras

I do wish that I would have brought a universal sink plug. I learned my lesson on this trip and started carrying one going forward.

Update 2017: This amount of clothing is overkill. Check the post on packing for Cuba for a new and improved list. Also, I now bring my universal sink plug and a [amazon_textlink asin=’B00V7P1R86′ text=’steripen’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’80liters-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’2764e573-dfc3-11e7-b2c6-bbbfc4aa37f4′] on every trip.