The Israel Museum

It was a Dead Sea Scroll kinda day. Here are some highlights.


8,000 year old mother goddess figurines from the Yarmukian culture. The goddess was considered the guardian of humans and animals, the bearer of all life, and the provider of souls.


The rather striking Dead Sea Scroll exhibit lived in a concrete dome that was continuously cooled with fountains to preserve the important manuscripts.


The Dead Sea Scrolls were part Jewish scripture, part sectarian codes, and written in Hebrew, Greek, Arabic, Aramaic, and Latin, excavated from the Qumran Caves near the Dead Sea in Israel. They range in age from 800 BCE to the 1100 CE and are the most complete ancient Hebrew writings ever found.


The Aleppo Codex, a bound manuscript of the Hebrew bible from 1000 CE.


Josh examines a beautiful dedication plaque.


If you’re interested in taking a virtual visit, the Israel Museum’s website has a decent digitized collection.