The Mobay Kotch is a Hidden Gem

If you read the page about Jamaica, they will mention a few places you shouldn’t go in Montego Bay: Clark Street, Claver’s Street, Church Street, etc. We stayed at the intersection of Clark and Claver’s.

Here’s why:



Built in the 1760s, this beautiful building has had many lives. It has been a Church manse, synagogue, a hotel, a masonic lodge, an office space, and a restaurant, to name a few. Today, it is a registered historic heritage site and hostel called Mobay Kotch, which we were lucky to call home for a few nights.

Although it was located in a rough part of town, the walled yard created a quiet refuge to decompress after exploring and the second story balcony was perfect for calming travel jitters.



Plus, the gorgeous Georgian architecture inspired this kind of annoyingly cute porch photo.