Gratitude: The antidote for tough travel days

Today was tough. Shenzhen is louder, more confusing, and more difficult to navigate than Hong Kong, and my feet hurt as badly as I can ever remember them hurting, ever.

But I believe in finding things to be grateful for, always. So, here goes:

1. I am grateful that we are in a place that is more different than anywhere I can ever remember being, and that we can enjoy this amazing privilege of traveling and visiting Asia for the first time.

2. I am grateful that this hotel room is the same price as the one in HK but 6-7 times larger, and the nicest place I’ve ever paid for with my own money.

3. I’m grateful for translation apps, which helped us pay for our room and identify food today, the steripen, which allows us to drink clean water, and the VPN, which is giving me free range access to the internet.

4. I am grateful for fried pork (OMG GOOD), Hawthorne fruit gummies, “bean skin”? (Like an omelette with rice, mushroom, meat and beans?), and real passion fruit juice. I am grateful that the food here is fantastic, and I’m grateful that so much of it is not fish.

5. I’m grateful for my adventure partner, who makes even the long, hard travel days a lot funner.