Cardboard Craigslist
Near el Prado, a main boulevard in Havana, exists the closest thing that Cuba has to Craigslist.
Choosing electronics and adapters for hassle free global travel
Traveling with electronics can be a hassle. Not only do the shapes of electrical plugs differ between areas, Voltage and frequency
I was probably pretty annoying the entire day because of my barely contained excitement.
Beautiful Bath, England
Walk centuries old stone streets, enjoy beautiful 18th century golden limestone architecture, and explore a 2000-year-old Roman bath house.
Hampton Court Palace is a really spooky place
Most everything about the former home of King Henry VIII was creepy, unwelcoming, and a little bit off.
How to eat cheaply in England
England is not a cheap vacation destination by any stretch of the imagination. We did figure out one good trick
London Walking Tour – Part III
The London Wall, The London Tower, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, and All Hallows By The Tower
The British Museum
The British Museum: "It's just a bunch of stuff that's been nicked from other countries."
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Michelangelo, Raphael & Leonardo at the National Gallery
We decided to pop in to the National Gallery while we were in Trafalgar Square.
London Walking Tour – Part II
This is part 2/3 of our walking tour of London, heading from Parliament Square to Trafalgar Square.
Welcome to London! Walking Tour – Part I
A self-guided walking tour through the heart of London, from Victoria Station to Parliament Square.
(Video) Old Cars in Cuba
For the grandparents and gear heads.
Regla: A Well-Kept Secret
Just across the bay from Havana sits Regla, a fascinating town with a rich cultural history.
Traipsing Through the Jungle in Río San Juan
We flagged down an off-duty driver, who had a friend, who had a family member, who was able to give
Raising Chickens in Cuba
Abuelo digs out some eggs from the nest of a free-roosting chicken. This man was probably my favorite person we
Las Terrazas: Vacation like a Cuban
Video: "This is easily my favorite place we've been so far."
That Time A Wheel Flew Off Our Taxi
We were driving down the highway when...
Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle like a Cuban
Cubans are master recyclers, perhaps to a fault.
Caught in the rain in Viñales, Cuba
With no internet connection or any way to get a forecast, the best we could do was look up at
The things that parked outside our casa in Viñales
These magnificent beasts were parked outside our casa when we arrived back from the valley.
Ephemeral Peso Ice Cream (This is important)
In what appears to be a closed down storefront in Viñales, there is an ephemeral ice cream shop.
Hiking Deep Into Cuban Cigar Country With Edrey
The tobacco farms in Viñales Valley produce some of the best cigars in the world.
Traveling to and Staying in Viñales
This may give you some sense of what it's like to travel in Cuba.
Graffiti in Havana
A person could spend an entire vacation exploring graffiti in Havana.
How (Not) To Buy Things In Cuba
Buying goods in Cuba can be tough, especially if you get outside of the tourist areas.
(Photo) Out and About in Cuba
Trans culture was surprisingly visible out and about in Cuba! Especially in Central Park.
Give us this day our daily bread
The vertical, low-tech lifestyle of street-vending in Havana.
Museo de la Revolución (Museum of the Revolution)
The Museum of the Revolution: As Americans, we didn't feel much love here.
Crespo Street Mid-Morning
Everyone says Cuba is a time capsule. But is it really true?
Welcome to Havana
We arrived in Cuba around 10pm at night, exhausted from a long day of flying, and walked like zombies up
Staying Warm
When we were there, temperatures hit record lows. Fortunately our Airbnb was less than a block away from an amazing
Metro Envy
  The Mexico City Metro is the best public transit I’ve ever taken. You can get to any location in
More Than 50% Lost
“I think we are more than 50% lost right now.” It turns out that in order to leave the Merced
Sample Itinerary for a Trip to Cuba
This is a sample itinerary for a person-to-person educational visa circa April 2017.
Packing for Panama
This is all the clothing I brought with me to Panama, plus the clothes that I was wearing when I
Photo Post: Life in Jerusalem
People actually live in the old city of Jerusalem, surrounded by temples and churches and mosques and touristy bazaars. Later
We’re famous!
This happened to us at both museums we visited.
Packing for Cuba
We tried to keep our packs super light this trip (about 10 lbs in half-full 40L packs). Here's how.
14 days in Israel and Palestine (coming soon)
Israel and Palestine were complex places with a lot to unpack. We really look forward to doing so here!