Merry Christmas!

Hi family. We won’t be there in person to give you information about your Christmas gifts. So. This page is just for you.

Your gift was made in Las Terrazas, Cuba, by a local artist named Henry at the Aloma Studio.


This is the Aloma studio. PS- Chris and Lacey, you can see the original from your print on the left.

Henry’s work combines elements of nature and everyday objects into surrealist commentary, sometimes political in nature and sometimes just as a curiosity. The prints you received were reproduced from pieces that were originally large watercolors (see the picture below for scale).

Henry painting a piece.


Henry is a resident artist for the planned community and a portion of his art sales goes to purchasing instruments for the local community children’s band. We were fortunate to catch them practicing in the community center while we were there. He also teaches music to the children and helps run their rehearsals. You can see Henry standing in the back with his hands on his hips, watching the kids practice.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you enjoy your little piece of Cuban Culture.


Josh and Nicole